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Modo Promotion is an Italian company specialized in the organization and management of promotional tours and of on the road campaigns, supported by specially designed trucks.

Modo Promotion was established in 2003 in Torino by Marco Sorbo and Francesco Franzé, who unite their many years of expertise in a new and modern way.

Modo Promotion is unique in the way it works side by side with it’s clients, may they be agencies or companies. We offer an all-round, all-inclusive package starting from the first planning stages to the complete delivery of the event.

One of the main strongpoints of this Italian company is that the vehicles are all proprietary: a collection of 7 very versatile, modern event-trucks, each one completely furnished with high tech equipment.

Modo Promotion’s mission is very simple and clear: to tailor the clients ideas through high- impact visuals and communicate them through a captivating mobile booth in order to carry the clients brand or product directly to the target’s lap, wherever they may be.



Why consider having an event on a travelling means of transportation?

Often the target one is chasing moves too quickly and is difficult to track down and the market is always more crowded. Traditional mass media communication means just aren’t enough anymore. It’s important to communicate your message door-to-door in a unique and distinct manner. Modo Propotion’s events are not only a way to communicate products and services, but more a way to promote brand entertainment by actively involving the target. The brand therefore becomes the main player, together with the public, of an on-the-road tour.

Modo Promotion has 7 very modern, hi-tech trucks of different sizes and with different characteristics. The graphics and the setup of each truck can be partially or completely tailored upon the client’s needs, transforming the truck in to a sort of “magic box”. The truck can be used as a show room, a director’s room, a multisensory area or a specialized VIP area, a stand, an acting or musical stage for shows to be performed in city squares for example.

This is the reason some of our trucks have such strange and unusual names such as: DISCOVERY, HOSPITALITY, STAGE, BIG and MEDIUM.

The use of a truck guarantees constant communication and great visual impact on the target, both when parked and when in transition from one stop to the next of the tour.

The client also gains incredible efficiency out of his investment because one single event is communicated over a short or long time period and in many different places.

The ideal locations are carefully planned on the bases of what kind of message or product the client wants to portray. The truck can be halted in town squares, on the beach, near events and fair locations, close to malls and sport events and even at the base of ski slopes.

The ideal locations for each stop of the tour are decided beforehand on the base of what type of product or message the client needs to deliver.



Each job begins around a table, through careful planning, where Modo Promotion, together with the client, define the communication project: choice of truck, graphics, interior design, choice of geographic points of interest and decision of which sites are the most adequate for each tour (town squares, malls, beaches, slopes) are all taken into consideration.

Then we decide on complementary arrangements such as gazebos, inflatable structures, mock-up, lighting and the audio-video set-up.

Modo Promotion then takes care of the organization of all the related logistic factors, such as the request of permission and authorization to park in specific spots, licensing for on- the-road sale of goods, casting for local staff and whatever else may be needed.

We like to believe that “for every problem, there is a solution” because we know that each and every tour event is specific and unique in certain aspects, and it is fundamental to confront every challenge in the moment it arises.
A team of 15 operators and a specialized technical staff guarantees a professional and well-prepared interface in every moment of the roadshow; tour managers, engineers, professional drivers, organizers, technicians, hostesses, entertainers, etc.

Modo Promotion is also quite flexible in cooperating with the client’s other suppliers and always finds a solution to fit any budget.
The versatility and the great number of solutions offered, together with an all-inclusive approach, makes Modo Promotion the ideal partner for the development of a highly involving and dynamic means of communication.

At the beginning of 2011 Modo Promotion became part of Dynamic Events, a young group of highly qualified professionals who offer unique specialized services for unforgettable events.

“We believe that the synergy between us and other companies who are specialized in entertainment and event-management can only increase our business and, most of all, increase the quality of our work by offering a widespread all-around service” say Modo Promotion’s owners Francesco Franzé and Marco Sorbo.



Our long experience in event management and dynamic communication lets us boast about our long list of VIP clients. Brands that were able to give these clients a boost to their business because they were successfully promoted through Modo Promotion’s trucks. Here are just a few of them:

Mattel, Radio 105, Rcs Ducati, Mediolanum, Volkswagen, Vodafone, Perugina, Polar, RTL, Fiat, Sony, Nokia, Conbipel, Avon, bwin, Seven, Promotions Italia, Good Times!, Leo Burnett, Estra, Euphon, Aspen Media, Momentum, Set Up, Iaki, Isp Communication, Sicom, Promostudents, Promoviaggi, Madison Mark, Roense, Nsa.

In the past year, some of the more important events we have managed are:


  • Tokio Hotel Humanoid City Tour
    client: Seven – April 2010 – Rome and Milan


  • Vip Show Tour 2010
    client: Mattel Italia – April/May 2010 – 7 cities 


  • Giro d’Italia – Tour of Italy bicycle race
    client: Radio105 – May 2010 – all of Italy 


  • Bwin at MotoGP Mugello
    client: bwin – June 2010 – Mugello circuit 


  • Barbie Pink Tour 2010
    client: Mattel Italia – September/November 2010
    19 stops in 11 cities throughout Italy


  • Temporary Show Room
    client: Conbipel – Dicember 2010 – Torino – “Centro Commerciale Le Gru” mall